Vineyards and vinification

Old Garnatxa Vineyards grown in organic farming and located in Batea, municipality of Terra Alta, in the province of Tarragona. Batea has strong temperature variations with cold winters and hot, dry summers. The little rain and low yields give very special grapes with excellent ripeness. The soils are generally frank-clayey limestones of very low fertility. Once harvested, the grapes are peeled and stored in stainless steel tanks to begin maceration. The duration is 7 days at a temperature between 22 and 24ºC. Once the maceration is over, the grapes are pressed, separating the low-pressure wine from the high-pressure wine called "press wine", which is not intended to make Beneit wine. Once fermented, the lees are mixed once a week to obtain softness and fat. The duration of aging with lees for the 2019 harvest has been 5 months.



100% Garnatxa Negra


Tasting notes

The varietal aroma is a mixture of fruity notes (strawberries, cherries, red peaches) and floral notes (pink, violet). We find sweet nuances (strawberries, caramel, honey). The mouthfeel is wide, structured, fresh and edgy thanks to its citrus touches. At the end of the mouth, the presence of ripe fruit and the long aftertaste stand out. We want a fresh Garnatxa Negra, easy to drink in the summer months and with a lot of personality.

Recommended consumption temperature 11-13ºC