La Nou de Gaià

La Nou de Gaià, one of the smallest villages in Tarragona, is located on top of a hill in the Baix Gaià area, 5 km away in a straight line from the sea.

Its beginnings date back to 1011, although Roman remains have been found that indicate the existence of an earlier settlement.


It is surrounded by rainfed crops, such as carob trees, olive trees, hazelnuts, and especially vinyeards. The magnificent views that can be seen from the highest part of the village, crowned by the castle and the church, and invite us to enjoy the rest and remember the proximity of the sea.


Recently, we have received a visit from El Foraster on TV3. The team made us laugh, move and enjoy interviews with people from the village and beautiful images of our surroundings. You can watch the episode and learn a little more about the magic of la Nou by clicking here.