Vineyards and vinification

Old vineyards of Cartoixà - as the Xarel·lo variety is called in the lower Gaià area - cultivated in organic agriculture and located in La Nou de Gaià, in the municipality of Tarragona, about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breeze in the summer months begins to blow around ten in the morning and protects us from excess heat that allows a magnificent and constant ripening of the grapes, avoiding overripening of the grapes grown in more indoor climates. The soils are generally low-fertility sandy loam. Once harvested, the grapes are skimmed and stored in stainless steel tanks to begin fermentation and maceration. The duration of fermentation with the skins is 20 days between 14 and 15ºC. Once the maceration is over, the grapes are pressed, separating the wine from low pressures from the high pressure one called "press wine". This low pressure wine is intended for making Mèdol Selecció wine. Once the process is over, the lees are mixed once a week for smoothness and fat. No clarifiers or stabilizers are added. The duration of aging with lees for the 2019 harvest was 9 months. The wine is bottled with a small percentage of lees to improve the evolution of the wine over time, so it is advisable to decant the wine to remove them. It is a wine free of preservatives, a wine free of added sulfites, only grapes, more natural impossible!



100% Red Cartoixà


Tasting notes

The varietal aroma is a mixture of fruity notes (red peaches, ripe red apple, apricot kernels,…) and notes of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds,…). We also find sweet nuances: toasted background, cinnamon, caramel, quince, honey… The mouthfeel is wide, structured, marked and fresh tannin and with nerve due to its citrus touches. At the end of the mouth it highlights the presence of nuts and the long aftertaste.

Recommended consumption temperature 7-9 ºC.