Vineyards and vinification

Old vineyards cultivated in organic agriculture and located in the Nou de Gaià, municipality of Tarragona, about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breeze, called Marinada, in the summer months begins to blow around ten in the morning and protects us from excess heat that allow a magnificent and constant ripening of the grapes, avoiding overripening of grapes grown in more indoor climates. The soils are generally low-fertility sandy loam. Once harvested, the grapes are peeled and stored in stainless steel tanks to begin a 7-day maceration between 22 and 24ºC. Once the maceration is over, the grapes are pressed, separating the low-pressure wine from the high-pressure wine called "press wine", which is used to make Mèdol Selecció wine. Afterwards, amphorae of 300 liters made by the ceramic craftsman Carles Llarch, from Fontrubí, are filled. The rest of Sumoi is stored in stainless steel tanks. The wine remains in the amphora for an average of 3 months, as we want it to provide softness and structure but at the same time avoid to notice its passage through the amphora. We have not added any clarifiers, or stabilizers, or sulfur or substitutes. It is a wine that does not contain any preservatives or added sulfites, only grapes, more natural impossible!


100% Sumoi


Tasting notes

The wine is very frank. On the nose we find notes of red fruits (cherries, strawberries) and notes of herbs and grape skin. In the mouth we find a lot of structure, intensity of red fruits, good acidity, marked and interesting tannins and a peculiar aftertaste. We call it the “anti-Parker” wine as it doesn’t stand out in any of the virtues the prescriber seeks in their favorite wines and that makes it unique and different. The lack of added sulfites and remnants of sugars makes it a very suitable wine for people who are sensitive to sulfur or the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Recommended consumption temperature 14-16ºC.