Vineyards and vinification


Old vineyards of Cartoixà cultivated in ecological agriculture and located in the Nou de Gaià, municipality of Tarragona, about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breeze allows a magnificent and constant maturation of the grapes, avoiding overripeness, and the soils are generally sandy low-fertility. Once harvested, the grapes are skidded and pressed. The must is stored in stainless steel tanks for 24 hours. The next day, the clean must is separated and fermented in stainless steel tanks for 15 days at a temperature of about 14-15ºC. With the base wine, we add sugar and yeast and it is bottled in cava-type bottles covered with a cork stopper, where it will be fermented for the second time in the bottle  for a minimum of 18 months. It is proceeded to clear with desks, to the later degorgé and the new and definite cork stopper is put.


100% Cartoixa


Tasting notes

Huge intensity and magnificent expressivity. Thin bubble perfectly integrated, a constant rosary. The varietal aroma mixes fresh notes (white peaches, fennel, lime) and white flowers. Due to aging in cork, we find sweet nuances: toasted background, cinnamon, caramel, quince, honey… Wide, structured and fresh mouthfeel with nerve due to hints of citrus. To highlight at the end of the mouth the presence of nuts and the long aftertaste. It allows a wide range of pairings thanks to its stature. It is an ideal complement to the cuisine of the region: seafood, fish, white meat, sausage…

Optimal consumption temperature is 6ºC