Vineyards and vinification

Vineyards located in Nou de Gaià, Tarragona municipality about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea. The soils are low-fertility sandy loam. The grapes ripen perfectly thanks to a warm climate and marinade.  Once harvested, the grapes are skinned and fill stainless steel vats where the grapes are macerated and fermented. The duration of maceration is about 8 days at a controlled temperature of 20-24ºC. Once finished, the wine is pressed and remains in stainless steel tanks, subjecting it to periodic shaking until the time of bottling.



40% Merlot

30% Cabernet Sauvignon

30% Grenache Noir


Tasting notes

Dark cherry color. Aroma of great intensity, where notes of fresh fruit (blueberries, cherries) and hints of black pepper appear. Good mid palate, soft tannins. Elegant and persistent finish. An easy, daily wine that invites you to drink. It allows a wide range of pairings thanks to its ripe tannins. It is the ideal complement for the cuisine of the region (“coques”, cod "esqueixada", grilled meat, cheeses, etc).

Optimal consumption temperature is around 14-16ºC.