Vineyards and vinification

Vineyards located in La Nou de Gaià, Tarragona municipality about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea. The soils are low-fertility sandy loam. The grapes ripen perfectly thanks to a warm climate and marinade. Once the grapes are harvested, they are skidded and pressed. Then the must is separated - the sludge - and undergos a slow fermentation at low temperature (14ºC). The duration of fermentation is about fifteen days at a controlled temperature. After fermentation, it remains in stainless steel tanks and undergoes periodic shaking until the time of bottling. 


100% Garnatxa Negra


Tasting notes

It evokes floral aromas, such as rose and orange blossom, and red fruits (strawberry, cherry,…). On the palate, delicate, soft, with notes of fresh red fruit. Fat and fresh at the same time, providing a pleasant feeling of balance and a good aftertaste in the mouth. Ideal for appetizer or to combine with pasta, rice, seafood and soft cheeses.

Optimal consumption temperature is 9ºC