Vineyards and vinification

Vineyards located in La Nou de Gaià, Tarragona municipality about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea. The soils are low-fertility sandy loam. The grapes ripen perfectly thanks to a warm climate and marinade. Once the grapes are harvested, they are skidded and pressed. The must is filled with stainless steel tanks and left to stand in the cold for 12-24 hours. The clear part of the must is then separated from the cloudy part (sludge process). With the clean must, we sow yeast to start fermentation. The duration of fermentation is about 15 days at a temperature of 14-16ºC. Once the fermentation is over, the wine remains in tanks and undergoes periodic shaking until bottling, where the second fermentation is carried out in the bottle with a minimum aging of 12 months on the lees. After this time, it is degorgé and covered with the final cork stopper.



85% Grenache Noir

15% Pinot Noir


Tasting notes

Brut nature of great aromatic intensity and freshness. Clean aromas with floral hints and red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) that blend into an elegant texture of long and balanced aftertaste. Ideal for snacks or to accompany cold starters. Ideal for rice, soft meats or desserts with fruit or dark chocolate.

Optimal consumption temperature is 6ºC