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Mèdol Blanc: Bienvenidos

3r Selecció

Cartoixà Vermell is a rare local mutation of Cartoixà with a distinctive characteristic; despite being a white grape, the reddish color of the skin gives the wine a rosé-like pigment when exposed to skin contact. The grape also tends to be spicier than its ancestor; we find it elegant in a rustic way.

Mèdol Blanc: Productos

Organic farming, without insecticides and with natural fertilizers, preserving the well-being of our environment and our consumers.

The grapes come from a group of plots around Nou de Gaià. Accompanied by the sea breeze, the Marinade, which caresses the vines since mid-morning, and allows us to maintain a constant ripening.

Blend 100% Cartoixà Red.

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