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we grow native white varieties such as Macabeu, Cartoixà and Moscatel. We have traditional red varieties such as Grenache, Ull de Llebre and Sumoll, as well as international varieties, although in smaller quantities, such as Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. 
Our winemaking processes are as most environmentally friendly as possible. We avoid unnecessary additives and preservatives to make healthy wines.
- Without any kind of preservative and/or antiseptic
- No sulfites
- Without ascorbic acid
- No clarifiers or stabilizers.
The crops are controlled and certified by the Catalan Council of Ecological Agriculture (CCPAE).




when we created Celler 9+ in Nou de Gaià, in the Tarragonès region, with the idea of making different wines from our own vineyards, influenced by the Mediterranean Sea.


We decided to work all the farms in organic farming; 38 hectares of which 20 are vineyards, 4 olive trees, 5 sown and 9 carob trees. We believe that making organic and sulfite-free wines is, rather than a whim or an invention, a necessity. Pollutants are often present, not only in the air we breathe, but in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the materials we use... Returning to the origins is part of the process of change: cultivating the earth with respect, making the wines by listening to them, opening the senses to what surrounds us.


We work to make conscious wines to be able to enjoy with family, friends or yourself, without fear of the consequences of a poorly made wine. We seek that everything is fair and perfect in its scope...




Moisès Virgili i Rovira, is the starter of this project. Nouenc from head to toe, he has worked the land since he was very young. His passion for agriculture led him to study Oenology and Agri-Food Engineering. After gaining experience in renowned wineries and various vintages around the world, he decided to open his own winery.

Given his desire to innovate in such a small sector as organic and sulfite-free wines and the unconditional support of his family, the winery grows and evolves following a very clear philosophy: the future will be sustainable or there won't be one at all.

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