Vineyards and vinification

Vineyards cultivated in ecological agriculture and located in the Nou de Gaià, municipality of Tarragona, about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breeze, called Marinada, which in the summer months begins to blow around ten in the morning, protects us from excess heat that allows a magnificent and constant ripening of the grapes, avoiding overripening of grapes grown in more climates. interiors. The soils are generally low-fertility sandy loam. Once harvested, the grapes are skimmed and stored in stainless steel tanks to begin maceration for about 6 days at a temperature of 22-24ºC. Once the maceration is over, the first pressed wine is pressed and separated from the higher pressure wine, called press wine. The wine destined for Cantaperdius remains in stainless steel tanks, making periodic upheavals until the time of bottling. To the coupage we add Cartoixà to favor the copigmentation processes, improving the color stability. We have not added any clarifiers, or stabilizers, or sulfur or substitutes. It is a wine that does not contain any preservatives, a wine free of added sulfites, only grapes, more natural impossible!



50% Sumoi

45% Ull de Llebre

5% Cartoixà


Tasting notes

It is a frank wine. On the nose we find notes of red and black fruits (cherries, blackberries, blueberries). In the mouth it is fresh, voluminous and has fat. Very round and smooth on the palate. At the end of the mouth there are slightly rough tannins, typical of the Sumoi variety, that gives it a different and peculiar touch.

Recommended consumption temperature 14-16ºC.