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5 podcasts in Catalan you have to listen if you really enjoy food

Hello natural wine lovers!🍷

If you're also one of those people who enjoys picking up a fork and knife, this post is for you. We bring you 5 podcasts that will take you on a sensory journey through gastronomy, full of interviews with chefs, new flavor combinations, wines, and dishes that will blow your mind... in short, real gems. Put on your headphones while you go for a walk or prepare dinner and let yourself be carried away by this delicious adventure.

⚠️These podcasts are in Catalan. If you would like to learn this language, this will be a great learning activity! If not, you can leave gastronomic podcasts in your language in the comments so that other readers can discover them.

1. La fonda

The essential podcast for gourmets. One-hour episodes in which Pep Nogué invites experts in catering, agriculture, fishing, and the processing of quality products to talk about a wide variety of topics. From km 0 to the most remote places, at La Fonda you will find gastronomy, wines and pairings, science, history... Of course, make sure you have something to eat nearby because you will be drooling with every episode! Listen to it on Catalunya Ràdio or Spotify.

2. Els més frescos

Anna and Oriol, from Narravins, and Xavi from El Bocamoll, self-produce this podcast where food and drink are the protagonists. An hour with very special guests from the Catalan scene, from journalists and content creators to winegrowers, a wide range! And also, with a very curious feature: it is recorded inside a store! Listen to them here.

3. Un restaurant caníbal a Berlín

Gastronomy is culture. This is how Paula Molés claims this podcast, where she talks about much more than food. Connection with what we put on the table, from its origins to new discoveries, with perspectives from anthropologists, cooks, historians, writers... Every Sunday at 1pm you can listen live on Catalunya Ràdio or deferred here.

4. La cullerada

Time Out Barcelona presents this podcast hosted by Andrea Gumes and Andreu Juanola, a fresh look at gastronomy. Interviews, pairings, and tips to enjoy food and drink in a close and youthful way. Especially interesting if you live or go often to Barcelona, as they recommend restaurants and bars that will surely surprise you! New episodes every first Wednesday of the month, listen here now.

5. Respostes que alimenten

If nutrition is what you're interested in, this podcast is for you. Magda Carlas and Esther Muñoz present this podcast to expand our knowledge and improve the way we eat. A space to be able to enjoy food without forgetting its main aim: to nourish us. In short, if you want to transform the way you eat and feel, look no further: this podcast is the key to a path to optimal health and culinary pleasure. Listen to it on Rac1 or Spotify.

Many podcasts are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. We hope you found these 5 interesting. If you know more, leave them in the comments!

Enjoy, salut!🧡


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