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What do the 9+ labels mean?

1r Base, 3r de Selecció, 6è d’Escumosos... Probably, when reading the labels of our wines, you too have asked yourself: why so many numbers?

Dear natural wine lovers, today we will resolve doubts and explain the origin of everything from before starting the winery to today. Let's do this!

As you may know, it all began in 2010. Moisès & family, who had been preparing the winery opening for some time, were missing a key piece to complete the puzzle: the name. It often happens that we really like a wine, but we don't remember its name or the winery's name. So, it had to be an easy one to remember. A symbol seemed like the best option. But which one? Well, the winery would be in Nou de Gaià. "Nou" means 9 in Catalan, so a "9" was a good definition. Additionally, "nou"  means "new"; a new project that wants to start strong, making different wines from the traditional ones. But the year was 2010, severely affected by the crisis, and spirits were generally quite low. And so this is where the "+" is born, an incentive to improve, maintain positivism, evolve, and look for new ways of working. From this, "9+" is born.

Fast forward to 2022. After a global shutdown, everything seems to be starting again. And with a new beginning also comes new changes. The design studio Pràctica is in charge of innovating the image of Celler 9+, probably one of the world's only wineries with a symbol as its name. With this in mind, the designers at Pràctica label our portfolio of wines, maintaining a minimalist approach in honour of the minimal intervention we adopt when making them. Honest, simple, and accessible labels without evocative storytelling. This is why our references get a numbered order that is easy to understand and identify. Organic wines from indigenous varieties and without added sulfites are organized in the following sections:

  • Base, blends with the best price/quality ratio and easily accessible for those starting in the world of natural wines.

  • 1r de 9+ Base: Cartoixà-Macabeu

  • 2n de 9+ Base: Garnatxa, Cabernet Sauvignon i Cartoixà

  • Selecció, with skin-contact wines of a single variety, some more stylized and others more classic. Each colour on the label is specially chosen for the wine's variety.

  • 1r de 9+ Selecció: Macabeu

  • 2n de 9+ Selecció: Cartoixà blanc

  • 3r de 9+ Selecció: Cartoixà vermell

  • 4t de 9+ Selecció: Sumoi

  • 5è de 9+ Selecció: Garnatxa

  • 6è de 9+ Selecció: Moscatell

  • Escumosos, with cava (in blue) and ancestral (in red), will not leave you indifferent.

  • 1r de 9+ Escumosos: Cartoixà blanc (cava)

  • 2n de 9+ Escumosos: Cartoixà vermell (cava)

  • 3r de 9+ Escumosos: Cartoixà

  • 4t de 9+ Escumosos: Garnatxa

  • 5è de 9+ Escumosos: Sumoi

  • 6è de 9+ Escumosos: Macabeu-Cartoixà

  • 7è de 9+ Escumosos: Macabeu-Sumoi

So, this numbered system of labels not only simplifies their identification but also reflects our philosophy — simple and honest labels for simple and honest wines.

Fun fact: Last year, the design of the labels received an ADG Laus Plata award in the packaging design category. Amazing!

Currently, the Practice studio has ceased to exist to become Principi (@principi.estudi) and SMLXL (

Post picture by Enric Badrinas.

Labels printed by Chalaguier.


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