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We are launching a new blog!

Hello natural wine lovers!👋

Welcome to our new blog, a space to discover different production styles, introduce various activities, and open the door to the "behind the scenes" of a natural wine cellar.

We decided to open this blog to be able to tell a little about the story behind each bottle, from the soil to the table. Being able to contribute with anecdotes, knowledge, and advice to fully enjoy every sip of wine. We want to share our passion for the work we do, for everything our environment brings us, and for connecting with more natural wine lovers.

On the other hand, with our publications, we also want to educate about a sector that is sometimes too romanticized or where not everything is as it seems. We want to bust myths and empower you to make informed decisions about what you drink. Whether we're exploring new maceration trends or discussing labels and regulations, our goal is simple: to give you the confidence to navigate the world of wine like a pro.

Through this blog, we want to create a community of people who celebrate the diversity of natural wine. So whether you are an experienced sommelier or just starting to discover this sector, we invite you to join us on this journey. Because wine is much more than what is in a bottle; wine includes all the stories of those who brought it to the table and all the stories shared while the bottle was being finished. And we want to share ours with you🥂


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